Thế giới văn minh phát triển theo hướng Đông, Việt Nam kiên định lập trường đi theo hướng Tây thì đến bao giờ chúng ta mới sánh vai được các cường quốc năm châu hả Cụ Tổng ? Thế giới sẽ ngày càng tiến lên, người dân Việt tổ quốc Việt Nam rồi sẽ bị xóa sạch vì sự ngu dốt và hèn nhát của chính mình ?

Thứ Ba, 25 tháng 7, 2017


Arbutus Tree and Bark by kirchypics on flickr
A Corious Tree

Punta Arenas, Chile
1000+ year old tree on Greek island of Aegina

144-year-old wisteria in Japan, by

Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon, USA by falcor88
This huge 125-year-oldold rhododendron is technically not a tree – most are considered to be shrubs.

By Ian Sane

Ipe, Brazil

Jacarandas in South Africa, by Elizabeth Kendall

The flamboyant tree, Madagascar. By Salete T Silva

Sikura tunnel, Okera, Japan

At 1,990 square meters (about half an acre), this huge wisteria is the largest of its kind in Japan. By Y-fu

Birch trees in snow

Parasite effect – Spiral tree at Coramba rainforest reserve, NSW, Australia. Photo by omnia on Flickr

Rainforest undergrowth. Tangled lianas (woody vines) covered in moss, Peru
Bamboo Trees. Sri Lanka

Angel Oak Tree in Angel Oak Park on Johns Island, Southern Carolina

Strangler Fig Tree. Wrapping tendrils around the host tree.. By orenbrimer on Flickr

Quiver tree by Jason Webber on flickr

6 Sycamores were shaped, bent, and braided to form this tree

Baobob tree

California’s Sequoia national park.

Klamath, California

Tree of Tule, over 2000 years old

Silk floss tree, South America by alan_sailer on flickr

Trees on Slope Point, the southern tip of New Zealand, grow at an angle because they’re constantly buffeted by extreme antarctic winds. By Seabird

The dragonblood tree named because of its crimson red sap, used as a dye a violin varnish, an alchemical ingredient, and a folk remedy for various ailments. By Csilla Zelko)

Rainbow eucalyptus, by jwilsonnorton

The grove of ‘candelabra’ redwoods, known as the Enchanted Forest, Shady Del 

by miladyellow on flickr

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